Zubri Patio Heater Instructions

Attach Legs

  • Snap legs into place.

Attach Reflector

  • Remove reflector from case.
  • Attach reflector onto threaded rod.
  • Fold over special catch, securing reflector. (Or place wingnut on the top and tighten.)

Propane Tank

  • Hang propane tank using bracket provided.
  • Attach hose to propane tank, tighten securely.
  • Heater is now stabilized.

Attach Skirt

  • Wrap skirt around heater legs to cover propane tank.
  • Zip up and secure with velcro closure.

Light and Enjoy!

  • Turn on gas at propane tank.
  • Hold match under burner head.
  • Push and turn gas control knob to middle position.
  • After heater lights, hold down control knob for 15 seconds, release slowly and adjust heat.

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